Rejecting the Light and Maintaining our connection with the Creator

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Rejecting the Light;Maintaining our connection with the Creator

The Light is God’s bounty the Goodness of the One that the One wants to give all the created beings.It is dynamic, conscious, loving.  Why is it when the vessel for the light first receives it it rejects it according to Rabbi Ashlag, the Master Kabbalist. Do we reject light too? Why do we do that? Learn with Yedidah why initially rejecting the light is a positive step for the vessel and leads to something new. Click on audio link above

2 thoughts on “Rejecting the Light and Maintaining our connection with the Creator

  1. Dear Judy, Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson.
    That’s great you got hold of In the Shadow of the Ladder so beautifully, and are enjoying the writing!
    Re Bnei Baruch. I do not know all they put out. What I have seen strikes me as being “more in their head” approach!)My teacher placed equal emphasis ofn the work of the heart, and I prefer that.
    However as regards people’s preferences that is a matter of choice.

  2. Thank you for your lesson here. If you remember, I was hunting an economic way to get your first book here in Australia. I now have received your “Shadow” book from the postage free. So far, I am enjoying the way you write so that even I can understand.

    Is there anyway you can be in unity with Bnei Baruch? If not can you tell me why.

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