Our need for authentic Kabbalah

I was looking on the internet the other day searching under the term “Kabbalah” to see what came up. What I found was the weirdest mix of stuff most of which seemed to me to be far-out and new-age. Occasionally I came across some more genuine material, But this brought me back to the question of what is authentic Kabbalah?

Listen to whole talkhttp://www.nehorapress.com/115470/audiolearningkabbalah

2 thoughts on “Our need for authentic Kabbalah

  1. Being relatively new to Kabbalah I must say I was quite confused in the beginning with all the red strings and movie stars but as if by Providence :), the first site I decided to explore was http://www.kabbalah.info (Benei Baruch Learning Center. I have been studding with these folks for a few months now and know a peace of mind I could have only dreamed of before. This has led me to your blog and I am very pleased to find more authentic kabbalah. Thank you for keeping it alive.


    • Hi Marcah, Thanks for your positive feedback! I hope to post some more talks in the upcoming time connected with the inner meaning of Pesach. In the meantime you may like to know about our new book whch is just ready off the press called ” A Tapestry for the Soul- The Introduction to the Zohar” by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag Explained using excerpts collated from his other writings including suggestions for inner work Compiled by Yedidah Cohen.
      I feel this is yet another step forward in the desire for authenticity as it enables the student to learn directly from the original teacher Rabbi Ashlag himself.
      In any case I am really glad for you that you have found a sense fo tranquillty and peace of mind that is so necessary for us to live our lives in a sane and wholesome way

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