Succot and the Clouds of Glory

The festival of Succot from the ZoharThe children of Israel were given three gifts to protect them through the travails of the wilderness. Manna from heaven, Miriam’s well and the clouds of Glory. The clouds of Glory have the same essence of that of Aaron the priest,  chesed the Sephirah of loving-kindness, and this is the same light we attract to ourselves when we sit in the Succah. The roof of the Succah symbolizes the shelter of faith . Sitting under its shelter gives us faith for the New Year now open to us . Listen to full talk, 8 minutes)

2 thoughts on “Succot and the Clouds of Glory

  1. Hi Yedidah,

    I love Israel and wanted to ask you a question about the Exodus if you don’t mind.
    I have saw a youtube video that shows good evidence that when the children of Israel crossed the Red sea, it was not the traditional sea, but was the Gulf of Aqaba. This means mount Sinai is in Arabia and thier seems to be good evidence that the Saudi’s know this but have been covering the fact up.

    What is the Israeli’s understanding of this?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Patrick, Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I missed seeing your comment.
      That’s a fascinating question.
      I think there are two aspects to this issue. 1) the actual historical facts 2) the meaning they have for us today.
      I found the reports on the internet that you mention. I think they are fascinating. I remember feeling terribly moved and excited when I first saw how they found historical evidence of the Biblical narrative. To tell you the truth I never really took in the difference in place till you pointed it out to me.
      Within Israel place names are pretty accurate. Jews have had a continuous presence in the Land of Israel since Joshua conquered it with the tribes when they came out of Egypt. It is true there were major removals of large proportions of the population t different times. But it is actually the case that since the time of Joshua Jews have alleyways lived in Israel as a continuous presence. So places inside Israel are known to great accuracy. However outside the areas of population, it is certainly difficult to know. I haven’t heard any discussion of this in Israel but maybe there is amongst archeologists
      The second aspect is that the Egyptians represent the negative sides of ourselves that prevent us coming into unity with God. So although I do believe the crossing of the Red Sea was historical fact its inner significance is something that applies to us every day. So wherever it took place we can feel the joy and gratitude that God saves us both from our outer enemies then and our inner enemies now!
      With blessings Yedidah

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