The shofar: a call to compassion

Blowing the shofar, the sound of compassion

As the cycle of the new year starts anew, we start the tikkun of the Malchut again. Just as she came forth on the fourth day of creation so she comes forth again on the morning of Rosh Hashanah . But the light of Chochmah, with which she was endowed, is too strong for the souls, and there is a fear that if that light were to be left as it is, it would cause great suffering in the world, as we would receive it for ourselves alone. To avert this, and to balance the light , we invoke the light of loving kindness by blowing the shofar.

This action, conducted by Jews the world over, brings the light of Binah, the light of compassion into the world. Now, more than  ever, the world needs the precious light of  compassion.

May we merit to hear the sound of the shofar in love this year. Amen.

Listen to  a class on the Zohar for Rosh Hashanah   (35 minutes)

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