Male and female He created him

The creation of Man : Rabbi Ashlag on the Zohar

The creation of Man

In Bereishit, Genesis chapter one: The Torah says: And God said, “Let us make Man in our image, like us.” This extraordinary sentence is the beginning of our history.

The creation of the human being differs from that of all other creatures. All other created beings have a singular nature; in their creation God said “Let there be… ” and that was followed by “and there was.” But for man both potential and actualization are reflected in his creation. “Let us make man.”

However this is not the only way in which Man’s creation differs form that of the other created beings “Let us make Man”, suggests the complexity of our nature. We are composed of both good and bad, light and dark. Unique in all creation, we have a unique role.

In this podcast we see how the Zohar and the Midrash learn the role of man and his nature from his creation.

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From the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag.
Taken from A Tapestry for the Soul (Nehora Press)

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