Abraham : a new name and a clear destiny.

Abraham and creation from the  Zohar

What’s in a name?

When God gave Abraham his new name, changing it from Abram to Abraham, He was telling him about his role as a father of nations. It’s a role  intimately connected with the purpose of the human being in the tikkun of creation.

This role is  hinted at in the very beginning of  Genesis. Crucially, the word describing the creation of heaven and earth has, in Hebrew, the same letters as Abraham”s full name.

What does this imply for us in our lives today? Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag, addresses this issue in a remarkable essay based on  the Zohar Lech lecha .

This talk is based on an article in  the Sefer Hamamarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

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