What do I really want to achieve with my life?

What am I looking for?

This question is central for each one of us. But it is not easy to define. Often we set ourselves a goal but when we achieve it after a bit we feel dissatisfied and move on. What makes us so restless? The truth is, that we are complex creatures with two main components: The ego and the soul. The desires of the ego are many, varied and very compelling. The desire of the soul is one. It is to be in affinity of form with the light of the Creator, which is to give benefit to all the created beings.
Rabbi Ashlag points us to the words of Rabbi Meir, in Ethics of the Fathers:

Rabbi Meir says, “Whoever occupies himself with Torah for its own sake will merit many things. Not only that, but the whole world becomes worthwhile to him. He is called ‘friend,’ ‘beloved,’ ‘lover of the One,’ ‘a lover of all people,’ ‘one who gives joy to God,’ ‘one who gives joy to people’; he is clothed in humility and in the fear of being separated from the Creator. He is fitted to be a Tzaddik, a pious one, upright and faithful, keeping his fellow far from sin and bringing his fellow closer to the One. Others rejoice in his counsel and in his wisdom, in his understanding and his fortitude, as it is said, ‘I have counsel and wisdom, I am understanding, I have fortitude’ (Prov. 8:14)…”

In this talk we look at, What does it means to aspire to be a friend, a love of people?
Listen now

Talk based on an article by Rabbi Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag: Bircat Shalom, Sefer Hama’amarim and inspired by a shiur with my chevrutas , Effie and Asher, with thanks!

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