Sad and happy: conflicting feelings in our relationship with God

feeling sad, yet finding a cause to rejoice in our relationship with the Creator. From the Zohar and the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag

In an article written towards the end of his life, Rabbi Baruch Ashlag discusses the issue of what should we do when we have fallen away form our service to God in one way or another, and we are feeling low because of it. We want to make amends.

But the Sages teach us, ‘ Serve the Lord with happiness, come before Him with song.” How is a person meant to be able to serve God with happiness when he is feeling broken?

God is surely not asking us to do the impossible? But  on what basis can a person feel happy when he is so sad?

The answer is unexpected.  Although the person is feeling low and despairing when he considers how he is not able to do the work for God, nevertheless, he needs to know that just having the awareness that he wants to come to God to get closer to Him is already a positive step. Furthermore, having the desire to come to God is actually a gift of the Creator , because this desire cannot arise any other way.

This podcast is dedicated for  a Refuah Shlema for Alla Bat Rifkah. May this Torah learning bring her a true healing.

Article excerpted from Sefer haMaamarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag Vol 4 article 25 



2 thoughts on “Sad and happy: conflicting feelings in our relationship with God

  1. The mind, that a man’s intentions directed to God is positive way, very support, but that is acctually not enough to be God’s servant. Everything the man was built from, untill the point, when he found the way to Creator found the way how to serve him, stops him.-stops man’s old thinking, talking behaving, because it is not right. And the man-like a damaged building sometimes or say mostly have do be rebuild- but how. A man can repair the old house, change may be windows, something else, but acctually base – the background needs to be replaced.
    I understood I did not write here nothing new, but it is such a painful to see where the man is and where he should be. The only thing stays is God’s mercy and His help.
    Thank you for posibility to present my mind

    • Hi, There is always the opportunity for Teshuvah, which is normally translated as repentance but really means ” reurning” returning to who we really need ot be. There is always God’s help in that. No need, ever, to despair , but to remain confident in His love. Best Yedidah

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