About Yedidah

Yedidah teaching in Tsfat

Yedidah  Cohen studied the work of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Ashlag (known as the Baal haSulam after his commentary on the Zohar ) with her late husband Mark in their hometown of Safed, Israel. She and her husband learnt from a student of this great Kabbalist’s son, Rabbi Baruch Ashlag. Yedidah and her husband wrote the book “In the Shadow of the Ladder,” which has at its core, translations into English of  two key introductions that Rabbi Ashlag wrote in order to explain the principle ideas of the Zohar and to the Tree of Life, (the Etz Chaim) of the Ari.

She then continued to translate and publish an in-depth study of the introduction ot the Zohar by Rabbi Ashlag called “A Tapestry for the Soul” , which true to her vision endeavors to open the world of Rabbi Ashlagg without acting as an intermediary between his writings and the reader, preferring Rabbi Ashlag to speak for himself.

Finally in January 2020, Yedidah has brought out a new biography of Rabbi Ashlag . the Master of the Ladder: an amazing insight into this great teacher’s work. You can find all these books on http://www.nehorapress.com

Seeing a tremendous thirst for Kabbalah Yedidah and her husband felt it important to try to approach the Kabbalah from an authentic position as possible whilst still remaining approachable to the interested reader. This primarily means allowing Rabbi Ashlag to speak for himself without any mediator. Of course on the audio talks this is impossible, but Yedidah tries to be an honest channel. The purpose of the audio talks is to allow an audience to get a taste of how Kabbalah can help us in our lives and to see how learning a text of wisdom opens up new vistas. Yedidah hopes that the audio talks will give people the incentive to look more deeply into the Kabbalah . She invites all to vist her website at www.nehorapress.com and explore the books so far available.

One thought on “About Yedidah

  1. B”H

    Hi Yedidah,

    I live in Philadelphia USA & I’m looking to connect with people who are on Rabbi Ashlag’s path. For example, perhaps someone I can study with in person or over the phone once a week.

    If you want to know more about me before helping me make contacts, you are welcome to e-mail me at the e-mail address provided above.

    Thank you,

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