The Gift of the Vision

The words that start the Bible , ” In the beginning God created the heaven and earth,” also imply the completion, the time of the redemption. In the Ein Sof (he Infinite) God completed the thought of the Creation, instantly, as it arose. Although we work out our tikkun in actual practice during our incarnations in this world, we have to know that in the Ein Sof the souls are already finished and complete.Listen to this talk and find out how the vision of the end influences our daily lives.“> (ten minutes)


Blessing God’s Name: Changing the challenge into an opportunity

When we say the first six words of the Shema, Shema Yisrael HaShem Eloheinu HaShem Ehad, Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God the Lord is One, tradition has it that we respond with a whisper, “Blessed be His glorious Name for ever and ever.The Zohar teaches us that this whisper has profound significance, changing a potential for unconditional love into actuality, converting a desert land into a place of human habitation.

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