Torah came forth from the middle line and gives rise to the middle line

Raising the Torah in balance, Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

We often have questions: is the way that God runs the world really good? What we are asking for actually is certainty. we want to see , feel and experience only good!

But God hides Himself from us in order that we have a chance to give to Him, unconditionally and in this way come close to Him. This way is the way of faith and is known in the Kabbalah as the right- hand line, the line of Chesed. It is the consciousness of giving unconditionally. According to our faith, we need to feel happy and content, even when things seem to be the opposite.  To come to this state of consciousness we need the Torah, as the light from the Torah brings us to the good way.

If we can come to this faith in God as the Giver of all Good, then God reveals to us the inner wisdom of the Torah. This is the consciousness of knowledge, called the left- hand line of consciousness.

But the Sages have taught us that it is forbidden that a person’s wisdom should be greater than his good deeds, so therefore his wisdom needs to be clothed and covered by his deeds of loving-kindness. This is the middle line of Torah. This is the ultimate harmony and balance brought by the Torah.

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This podcast is dedicated in love to all those souls who can and are ready to have more clarity in their lives and to shed the obstructions that hold them back from recognizing their own divinity . Especially dedicated to Yehudah ben Esther, and Kalman Roen ben Feige Tziporah

Podcast inspired by Article 19 from Sefer HaMama’arim volume 4 תש”ן 

Abraham : a new name and a clear destiny.

Abraham and creation from the  Zohar

What’s in a name?

When God gave Abraham his new name, changing it from Abram to Abraham, He was telling him about his role as a father of nations. It’s a role  intimately connected with the purpose of the human being in the tikkun of creation.

This role is  hinted at in the very beginning of  Genesis. Crucially, the word describing the creation of heaven and earth has, in Hebrew, the same letters as Abraham”s full name.

What does this imply for us in our lives today? Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag, addresses this issue in a remarkable essay based on  the Zohar Lech lecha .

This talk is based on an article in  the Sefer Hamamarim of Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag

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Succot and the Clouds of Glory

The festival of Succot from the ZoharThe children of Israel were given three gifts to protect them through the travails of the wilderness. Manna from heaven, Miriam’s well and the clouds of Glory. The clouds of Glory have the same essence of that of Aaron the priest,  chesed the Sephirah of loving-kindness, and this is the same light we attract to ourselves when we sit in the Succah. The roof of the Succah symbolizes the shelter of faith . Sitting under its shelter gives us faith for the New Year now open to us . Listen to full talk, 8 minutes)