Shema Yisrael: Declaring God’s Unity

The third root mitzvah that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai brings in the Zohar is that of declaring God’s unity in the six words that make up the Shema. This declaration of the unity of the Creator is the first thing we learn as little children and the last thing we say when we die. In the morning and in the evening, as the day begins and ends, we affirm with our words this fundamental unity. Why?

Life itself is not uniform. It seems chaotic. We experience all extremes from dreadful to tremendous. Yet we affirm the unity of the Creator and the underlying unity of the acts of the One. These six words transform our lives from meaningless into purposeful. 

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Rejecting the Light and Maintaining our connection with the Creator

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Rejecting the Light;Maintaining our connection with the Creator

The Light is God’s bounty the Goodness of the One that the One wants to give all the created beings.It is dynamic, conscious, loving.  Why is it when the vessel for the light first receives it it rejects it according to Rabbi Ashlag, the Master Kabbalist. Do we reject light too? Why do we do that? Learn with Yedidah why initially rejecting the light is a positive step for the vessel and leads to something new. Click on audio link above

Further on Decisions: Where does free choice come in?

Sometimes life presents me with a situation which seems impossible to resolve. When sharing this with a friend I realized that this experience is not unique and I couldn’t help wondering why? The Creator created the worlds with increasing concealment in order to give human beings free choice.

Yedidah continues this discussion by looking at where freedom of choice really lies, based on Rabbi Ashlag’s article on “Freedom”. Click on audio

 Further on decisions