The natural forces of Creation and how man’s consciousness affects them: From the Zohar

Hurricane Sandy hit the coast of America this week. The Zohar discusses Man’s relationship with nature and the forces of Creation, and we learn how the consciousness of the human being is a prime factor in influencing the behavior of natural forces.
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(Inspired by a talk given by Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb)
hurricane waves show forces of nature

Succot and the Clouds of Glory

The festival of Succot from the ZoharThe children of Israel were given three gifts to protect them through the travails of the wilderness. Manna from heaven, Miriam’s well and the clouds of Glory. The clouds of Glory have the same essence of that of Aaron the priest,  chesed the Sephirah of loving-kindness, and this is the same light we attract to ourselves when we sit in the Succah. The roof of the Succah symbolizes the shelter of faith . Sitting under its shelter gives us faith for the New Year now open to us . Listen to full talk, 8 minutes)

Chanukah: What is a miracle?

Something that happens as a part of the natural sequence of events is not considered a miracle, But when an occurrence happens that  is against the laws of nature then we say, “Wow! a miracle!” Chanukah represents a miracle on the spiritual plane. Why was it a miracle and do we need such miracles today? Listen to full talk on

Succot and the Clouds of Glory

The Zohar teaches us that three gifts were given to the Children of Israel when travelling through the wilderness. One of them was the clouds of glory which led them and protected them from the heat of the sun and hid them from unfriendly eyes. Their essence is the same as that of the succah. Listen to full talk

Blessing God’s Name: Changing the challenge into an opportunity

When we say the first six words of the Shema, Shema Yisrael HaShem Eloheinu HaShem Ehad, Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God the Lord is One, tradition has it that we respond with a whisper, “Blessed be His glorious Name for ever and ever.The Zohar teaches us that this whisper has profound significance, changing a potential for unconditional love into actuality, converting a desert land into a place of human habitation.

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Shema Yisrael: Declaring God’s Unity

The third root mitzvah that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai brings in the Zohar is that of declaring God’s unity in the six words that make up the Shema. This declaration of the unity of the Creator is the first thing we learn as little children and the last thing we say when we die. In the morning and in the evening, as the day begins and ends, we affirm with our words this fundamental unity. Why?

Life itself is not uniform. It seems chaotic. We experience all extremes from dreadful to tremendous. Yet we affirm the unity of the Creator and the underlying unity of the acts of the One. These six words transform our lives from meaningless into purposeful. 

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Yirat HaShem 2-The beginning and the basis of our relationship with the Divine

Yirat HaShem, actually means the fear of doing anything that will cause me to become separated from the Divine. Both the Divine within and the Divine without. This is not a theoretical issue, but one which actually forms both the beginning, and the ongoing experience of the most important relationship we have. For full talk (ten minutes) listen here

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