Torah: the Soul’s voice

The torah: the soul's voice

Father and son reading from the Torah

There is a general principle in the Kabbalah that no light may be attained without its appropriate vessel.
So although it is true that we are surrounded by the infinite light of God at all times, we cannot sense God’s light if we do not have the appropriate vessel.
What is the appropriate vessel though which we may come to appreciate the soul, that part of God within us? How can we relate to the soul? How can we come into affinity of form with the soul, which implies dvekut or unity with it?
The Zohar states that the Torah, the soul and the Holy Blessed One are one. It also states that God is hidden in the Torah.
How does Torah differ from other knowledge? How can the Torah help me hear my soul? What qualities do I need to cultivate in order to find the Essence of God hidden in the Torah?

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And God called the light “day”

“And God called the light “day” and the darkness “night”.” Why did He do that? What does this mean for me? These are questions that the great Kabbalist Rabbi Baruch Shalom Ashlag asks. His answer takes us to the Purpose of Creation, the process of Creation, and the role these play in our own individual lives.
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And it was evening and it was morning one day

The light of the Torah, A letter by Rabbi Baruch Ashlag

Studying the Torah does far more than just give us more information, it helps us to overcome the will to receive for oneself alone which is our in-built nature. It has a special light.The Sages say ” the light that is in the Torah leads a person ot the good way”. For  audio  talk (7 minutes)

Loving God: the second root mitzvah

Is it possible to love God? Why is this a mitzvah, surely it  isn’t possible to command a feeling let alone a feeling of Love? Can we define love and how can we learn what this mitzvah involves. Join Yedidah in her search for answers. Listen to the full talk  (13 minutes) 

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priestly blessing at the Kotel

Yirat HaShem 2-The beginning and the basis of our relationship with the Divine

Yirat HaShem, actually means the fear of doing anything that will cause me to become separated from the Divine. Both the Divine within and the Divine without. This is not a theoretical issue, but one which actually forms both the beginning, and the ongoing experience of the most important relationship we have. For full talk (ten minutes) listen here

Yirat Hashem, Kabbalah, Zohar, Sephirot
Staying in contact with the Divine



The four cups of wine and their inner meaning

Rabbi Yossi said: These four cups of this night, why do we drink them? …..Learn from the Zohar and understand the inner meaning of the four cups of wine that we drink during the Seder night.
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Rejecting the Light and Maintaining our connection with the Creator

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Rejecting the Light;Maintaining our connection with the Creator

The Light is God’s bounty the Goodness of the One that the One wants to give all the created beings.It is dynamic, conscious, loving.  Why is it when the vessel for the light first receives it it rejects it according to Rabbi Ashlag, the Master Kabbalist. Do we reject light too? Why do we do that? Learn with Yedidah why initially rejecting the light is a positive step for the vessel and leads to something new. Click on audio link above