What do I do about my mixed motives?

Often when we  start along the path of trying to come into affinity of form with the Creator , we  see our  own ego desires. We make resolutions to try to concentrate on giving good to others, but to our dismay we find that even our good deeds seem to be contaminated with rather mixed motives. Yes we are doing good, that is undeniable; but within the good deed we can still discern a lot of self-interest tucked inside there.

This realization causes many people to feel stuck , even paralyzed. But the Sages assure us: Even the practice of Torah and mitzvot that is conducted  not for its own sake will lead us to the path of Torah and mitzvot which are utterly unconditional.

However like all swords that are of any use, this one is also double -edged.

To learn more on the stage of mixed motives, called in the  Kabbalah, Torah shelo lishmah, listen to the podcast  here

From the Kabbalah of Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag