Feelings: God’s gift to us in this world

Feeling is a property of the soul in this life.In a letter that Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag wrote to his brother Shmuel, he describes  the purpose for which the soul leaves the spiritual realms and descends into this difficult physical world.  Surprisingly, he describes the benefit the soul attains through its association with the physical.

This does seem  surprising, as in general, the physical  gets a bad press: it is the origin of the world to receive for oneself alone in this world,  and is often seen as gross, compared to the ethereal nature of the spiritual worlds.

But  Rabbi Ashlag points out that it is precisely through the association of the soul with the physical that the soul acquires not only knowledge of God but also feeling. Feelings are only possible through the physical body and it is through our  feelings, both positive  and negative that we may actually experience the light of God . Such experience is called “attaining the Names of God”.

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The Names of God refer to the Light of the One

In the Bible we read about God being angry or jealous, or loving. We also have differrent names for God, E-l or the Lord of Hosts, or the sacred four letter Name of God. But the Master Kabbalist the Ari who lived in Safed taught that God is Unknowable and has no Name.  Yedidah discusses this issue but doesn’t leave it there,she asks does it matter for me in my life now? Surprisingly it does. Whatever Name I call God is the Light of God I attract to myself. These names are of God’s light. Join Yedidah for the full and fascinating discussion on The Names of God refer to the Light of God