Loving God: the second root mitzvah

Is it possible to love God? Why is this a mitzvah, surely it  isn’t possible to command a feeling let alone a feeling of Love? Can we define love and how can we learn what this mitzvah involves. Join Yedidah in her search for answers. Listen to the full talk  (13 minutes)http://www.nehorapress.com/115470/Audio-Classes 

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priestly blessing at the Kotel

Yirat HaShem:3 True Yirah vs. false fears

Opposing the true Yirat HaShem, which is the desire not to do anything that will harm our relationship with the Divine, lies the potential space in consciousness for our false fears. Those fears that are self-serving. When we act out of these fears we feel physical symptoms. Fascinatingly, these are described in the Zohar and even hinted at in the first chapter of Genesis…
Listen to full talk http://www.nehorapress.com/115470/Audio-Classes

Yirat HaShem: not doing anything that will cause separation between myself and the Divine

always connected with the Divine

Yirat HaShem- the fear of being separated from the Divine

Yirat HaShem, fear of being separated from the Divine, the first essential mitzvah

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai the author/compiler of the Zohar the central book of the Kabbalah, teaches that there are 14 root mitzvot or prescribed commandments, pieces of advice if you like, which enable us to come closer to the Divine. Of them all, the first and most basic one is Yirat HaShem, erroneously translated as fear of God. In fact it is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge and faith…

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