Giving and receiving: Coming to a balance

Giving and receiving from the Kabbalah of Rabbi Ashlag

Giving with love

We are created from the dust of the earth. That means we all have the innate nature of desiring to receive happiness and goodness. This is in accordance with the Purpose of the Creator in His creation. So then why do we feel embarrassment or shame when we receive without having earned what we are receiving? This feeling of shame stems from another aspect of our Creation, an aspect connected with our true purpose in the world, that of tikkun.

Although our inbuilt nature is that of receiving we also were given the quality of being able to give. This came about with the union of the Sephirah of Malchut with that of Binah, whose aspect is that of compassion and giving unconditionally.

By giving to the other unconditionally we convert a finite separated vessel of receiving into an infinite channel for the goodness of the Creator.

From Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb’s commentary on Matan Torah of the Baal HaSulam.

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Israel’s Independence and its connection with the revelation of the Zohar

Israel independence: the flag

A return after 2000 years!

Unlike the physical realm in which giving and receiving come together, in the spiritual realm they are often widely separated.
Writing on Israel’s independence Rabbi Ashlag points out that we have been given the opportunity for the return to our land and the complete redemption, both in the life of the individual and as the community as a whole, we have yet to receive it in its full meaning. Still we must see the cup as half-full and celebrate the great opportunity with which we have been blessed.
Adapted from an article written by Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb.

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The eternal dance of the male and the female in Kabbalah

In the language of Kabbalah the male and the female represent the forces of giving and receiving; the dynamic dance beween the light and the vessel. In the union of opposites a new entity is formed, the possibility of receiving the light with the intention of giving. This represents the ultimate purpose of Creation. This dance is represented within each man and woman, between each other and in our relationship with the Divine. Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag teaches us the spiritual roots of the entities in this world according to the language of the Kabbalah, the “language of the branches”

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