Sending the ego to the wilderness ; A talk for Yom Kippur

One for God and one for Azazel

One for God and one for Azazel

Aaron the High priest was told to take two he-goats and draw lots: one goat was to be for  God and the other to be for Azazel . On this goat on the sins of the Children of Israel were confessed and then the goat was sent to the wilderness.

The Zohar teaches us that this Temple service is actually about the choices we make and their consequences.

From the Perush HaSulam of Rabbi Yehudah  Lev Ashlag on the Zohar of Acharei Mot

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Learning as Service

We learn new materail because we are interested, curious  or want to investigate something further. But in learning Torah it is more appropriate to consider giving to the learning than receiving from it. Such learning becomes a service, bring us into affinity of form with the Creator. Learning then becomes new, fresh and vital as we learn with the soul. Listen to full talk on