What can we do about hurt feelings according to the Kabbalah

A friend asked me this week what do we do with our hurt feelings when someone, intentionally or otherwise hurts us. If we are not careful, harboring hurt feelings can cause us to fall into feelings of vengence, resentment, bearing a grudge or even hatred, and can lead us into transgressing many Torah mitzvot. Without denying our own truth there is a middle path that Rabbi Ashlag shows us in the Kabbalah wisdom. Join Yedidah by clicking on audio link      

 audio link What can we do about hurt feelings

The eternal dance of the male and the female in Kabbalah

In the language of Kabbalah the male and the female represent the forces of giving and receiving; the dynamic dance beween the light and the vessel. In the union of opposites a new entity is formed, the possibility of receiving the light with the intention of giving. This represents the ultimate purpose of Creation. This dance is represented within each man and woman, between each other and in our relationship with the Divine. Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag teaches us the spiritual roots of the entities in this world according to the language of the Kabbalah, the “language of the branches”

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