The real destruction: the absence of God in our lives

Mourning on Tisha B’Av

Where is God? Why can’t I sense His presence? Rabbi Ashlag teaches that we can’t sense God’s presence because we have put a rival in His place, we have placed our ego at the center of our focus and God is left in a corner. Yet we are commanded to build Him a sanctuary. and then He will dwell within us. A sanctuary in our heart, making God a living presence in our lives. Then the outer sanctuary will be rebuilt.

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Jerusalem on the inner

The walls of Jerusalem

The walls of Jerusalem

Now in these three weeks in which we commemorate the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago, we may wonder what this means today? But actually all our Jewish festivals and fasts are not observed as historical mementos,  but as signposts directing us in our work of  coming closer to God in the here- and- now.

Jerusalem in our inner work signifies unity with God. the holy point of the soul. Thus rebuilding Jerusalem is work each of us does within us.  Rabbi Ashlag teaches us that the very name Jerusalem teaches us how to go about it.

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