The language of giving is a new language

Giving freely from the heart

We all know how to give something in order to get something in exchange. We do this all the time. But try giving completely freely, without looking for any benefit whatsoever, not even an emotional compensation. We might think we could do this in theory, but just try it in actual practice and we find that the whole idea seems somehow unreal, surrealistic even. In fact, when we start trying to come into affinity of form with the Creator by giving unconditionally, it feels like learning a new language. We act as if we are emotionally tongue-tied. Our whole organisms feels as if we  don’t understand ourselves , and we lack the vocabulary in this new language of giving.

Although we  may know that giving unconditionally is a good thing in theory, we require motivation to carry it though in practice. It is through the study of the Kabbalah that we get the tools and the inner fuel to keep going.

From the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag and the Zohar Bereishit.
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